ME, Dinner set, 2015

“Me” is a set of food containers that you can use as BBQ in the park,
or just at home with a nice stew, soup or fondue. the assortment is
held together by a leather strap and metal structure which connects
the two main ceramic bowls and complimentary items.

The indoor and outdoor dinner set consists of several parts.
The wooden lid can also be used as chopping board. The red clay
bowl which allows you to roast different foods on top of the surface.
The white bowl can be used to store food. The metal basket makes
space for a complimentary picnic blanket, allowing the user to bring
everything they need in one single package.

This product is made possible by MTic design project. It is a knowledge
exchange program between The Netherlands and Colombia with a
focus to develop innovative product design. Several teams were created,
including the designer Emma van Eijkeren from the Netherlands and
Moak studio from Colombia. The made the ‘’Me’’ to create wonderful
moments and experience each other’s way of cooking. there concept is
based on the mixture and fusion of both cultures and centered on
cultural codes and local materials.

In collaboration with colombian and Dutch design studio:  
MOAK studio, EMMA'S ontwerpen.

made possible by: MTIC DESIGN

Press : FRAMEDesignboom, Designlineweneedcafeineyankodesign, Behance
Nomination: premio lapiz de Acero (important design award in Colombia).

Pictures from the home setting made by Ashley Govers